Le Mans PROCESS AGRO, state-of-the-art equipment serving the culinary tradition


Founded in 2005, the Le Mans PROCESS AGRO company brings together around twenty experienced professionals specializing in the production of equipment for the food industry. Located in Ruaudin, in completely renovated premises, the company offers a complete and scalable offer that aims to optimize and secure production while preserving culinary traditions.

« Our job is to study, design, manufacture and maintain specific machines of all sizes, adapting to the needs and processes used by our industrial customers, » says Jean Giancarlo, founder and leader of Le Mans PROCESS AGRO, which evolves in this agri-food sector for almost 40 years. « We can intervene in all stages of food manufacturing, from cooking to storage, such as when mixing or transferring ingredients. To do this, we control automation as well as boilermaking, piping, electricity or computing.

Radiant throughout France, Le Mans PROCESS AGRO equips all the Sarthois meat grocers (specialists in rillettes and meat products) as well as many producers of ready meals, drinks, seafood or fruit and vegetables.


Optimize and secure production 

« Given the evolution of this market, the manufacturing standards and the demands of the consumer, we are more than ever committed to balancing security of production and respect for the know-how of our customers, who remain artisans, and whose primary concern is to preserve the original taste of food, « says Jean Giancarlo. « We live with matter ».